Steel Hauling & Flatbed Transport

FMT Trucking provides flatbed trucking for flat-rolled steel products, carbon steel coils, steel sheets, blanks, plates, pipes and beams for manufacturers and customers throughout the supply chain. Our expertise at hauling metal commodities extends to copper wire spools, aluminum and conduit as well as the industrial machinery used in their production.

The transport of steel coils is a specialized and regulated type of steel hauling. Coil racks are used when hauling coils of steel on a flatbed or similar platform trailers. Coils can range from 5,000 lbs, relatively small in size, to over 60,000 lbs. The federal government and many states have passed laws governing the hauling of steel coils by trucks.

The securement of steel coil loads consists of a combination of 2 types of tiedowns that are used to restrain cargo, direct tiedowns and indirect tiedowns.

Indirect tiedowns creates a downward force that increases the friction between the cargo and the deck. This increased friction restrains the cargo.

Direct tiedowns provide direct resistance to oppose the forces that are acting on the cargo. This direct resistance keeps the cargo in place, and prevents movement.

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