Manual J Criollo aka Manny was born in the rural outskirts of Cuenca, Ecuador. Raised in a level of poverty that could not even place shoes on his feet until age 12, he decided to venture of to the United States for a chance to live the American dream at age 23. Years later he settled down, had 3 children, and juggled 3 jobs to make ends meet and provide his children with the best lives that he could. At age 45 he became a truck driver and shortly after partnered up with 3 others to co-found Fort Myers Trucking, Inc. Through hard work and perseverance Manny remained sole owner in 2011 as the company began to thrive.

With the success of Fort Myers Trucking, and with the aid of his children working together, the company was able to tri-fold in revenue and become what it is today. Fort Myers Trucking has a terminal based out of Cape Coral, FL home to 85 trucks along with another division in Arizona.

The company’s 3 year projection has already paved the way to a bigger facility benefiting both customers and drivers. Built on the core values of customer service and a family oriented business model, Fort Myers Trucking has excelled in becoming a go to transportation choice for many companies across the country.

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